What Is Bad Web Design?

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There are of course an infinite number of factors that account for bad web design today.

But this infographic from the amazing Kissmetics below is certainly a great start to helping solve this problem.

It shows the biggest headaches for users, and how to solve them simply.

Note: If on the other hand you just want to see some of the best designs, check out this post.

Bad Web Design Factors

So let’s take a quick look at each of them and the main points from the infographic.

Bad Navigation

One of the key elements for visitors is to be able to find what they are looking for, and navigation is the key to this.

So make sure you navigation leads the visitor to the most important things and groups other areas into sub menus.

Too Many Ads

Some website owners feel they can make some extra money with ads on their website, but generally it just annoys the visitor.

So take a serious look at what is on your site and ask whether it is obtrusive or not and worth the money you are bringing in with it.

Too Much Audio or Video

It is okay to supplement pages with relevant videos or audio, but do not over do it.

DOn’t turn your website into a disco with automatic sound or video, allow the user to choose to watch things.

Visitors Have to Register

In most cases it is not necessary to have a visitor register on your site, even to buy something.

But at the end of the purchase they can perhaps just check a box to sign up, as you have all their details at that point.

Don’t stop the user buying or using your site if possible.

Too Small Font

Perhaps my eyes are going, but a 10 or 12 point font is no longer acceptable. It might also have something to do with mobile phones.

But please start to use clear and large fonts on your site. Your visitors will be happier.


The site in general should have the same kinds of fonts, and heading sizes and visuals.

But if you are blogging as well, please try to be consistent and blog regularly.

Hopefully you have learned something you can improve on your website.

Bad Web Design

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