Web Design Trends in 2014

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The web is forever changing, and that my friend is one of the best things about it.

But keeping up with all the latest trends and movements in design and on the web in general is not an easy feat

Never fear, your Design Online Pro team is here to help.

The following are some of the cutting edge designs that we have been noticing of late and you should too.

monochromatic web design

Monochromatic, Single Color Design

You may have noticed the trend where there is a lot of black and white, and a lot of white space. With just a touch of color.

That is the modern web design world of Monochromatic design.

You may not like it, although we love it, but it is certainly here to stay.

It is now a world of understatement and colorful subtlety. So you better get used to it, that is for sure.

Web design is always changing though, so maybe the next trend will blow your trumpet.

Simple Above the Fold

Finally people are waking up to the fact that above the fold does not be full of sliding annoying images.

The time for simple and dedicated hero areas is here. Make your statement. Place your USP and be done with it.

Your customers will appreciate it, and your visitors too. They will understand in an instant what it is you are all about.

And simplicity is a side benefit too. Do you see the trend here in 2014?

Less is more, and you better believe it.

Instagram Influenced Visuals

Do you remember when those crazy hipsters next door where putting all their images online and passing them through old school filters.

you could not believe it when all those photos were appearing on Facebook with that yellow ting, and that washed out look.

But those kinds of images and visuals are here to stay. And they are influencing web design as well. So you better get on board.

And all the visual manipulation tools are using these kinds of filters too. So why not try a few of them out on your next project!

Infographics are Ruling the Web

If you have been on Pinterest lately you might have noticed the trend towards infographics.

They rule the internet at the moment for many reasons. For example, they convey huge amounts of information in a very visual way.

This is appealing to the masses, that is for sure. But they also make boring topics far more interesting, and that is a great thing for web design.

So if you want to find out what kinds of infographics are working in your niche, just head over to Pinterest and type in “infographic + niche”, I am sure thousands will pop up for you to peruse.

Final Visual Warning

Web design is not longer the realm of the boring and stuffy.

Visual and hip have taken over and if you want to stand out too, you better get on board the latest visual wagon and make your site pop.

Of course if you need a hand, just give us a shout and we will be happy to make your website rock too!

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