3 Sep 2014

Best Web Designs in 2014

Deciding on what is the best is not an easy thing.

So this post is entirely subjective. But I will certainly do my utmost to be objective when it comes to web design.

But we are seriously looking at what is sexy, and not necessarily functional web design. Because unfortunately functional is a little boring.

So without holding back any further here are some of the best web designs of 2014.

A Little Surprising Web Design

Starting with the last first, here is number five of our best web designs of 2014.

You are not sure what is happening at first, and then the video comes into focus.

Street art on display as web design. This design is inspiring and surprising. Of course it is not always practical for a company to do such a site, but for something artistic, video backgrounds are great.

Watch as the scene changes and things come to life with Street Art.

street art video

Massive Images

If it is not video that is taking over home pages, then it is massive images with a little text sprinkled in.

Visuals certainly do sell, and this trend is taking off like a rocket.

I have found a great example of this with Aether.

aether homepage


Bold Fonts Dominate

The usage of amazing and bold fonts in modern web design is becoming a very domiating aspect of design.

Although all designs are using custom fonts these days, it is on some particular websites that you see fonts dominating.

These poster like displays are very eye catching and are certainly a great example of the web design trends in 2014.

Check out the homepage from We Are Envoy. Although you can’t see it here on the screen shot, they have also used an underlying background video.

Sometimes it is overkill, and does not help load time, but they have done a great job.

envoy fonts


Retro Vector Graphics

A lot of designers are going back to their roots, or perhaps their childhood and taking inspiration.

In this example we see no photographic, but just simple retro colored vector graphics to highlight the features of this tool.

This is certainly not a dominating trend today, but it is seen quite a bit, so we thought we would show you an example.

bornevia vectors



Whether you notice them or not, there are a lot of different web design trends happening right now and some of them are really rocking the internet.

So on your next design project why not give your website a boost with some of these ideas, which are hip and trendy!

And stay tuned for the next episode of amazing websites of the internet, brought to you by the pros at Design Online Pros!

2 Sep 2014

What Is Bad Web Design?

There are of course an infinite number of factors that account for bad web design today.

But this infographic from the amazing Kissmetics below is certainly a great start to helping solve this problem.

It shows the biggest headaches for users, and how to solve them simply.

Bad Web Design Factors

So let’s take a quick look at each of them and the main points from the infographic.

Bad Navigation

One of the key elements for visitors is to be able to find what they are looking for, and navigation is the key to this.

So make sure you navigation leads the visitor to the most important things and groups other areas into sub menus.

Too Many Ads

Some website owners feel they can make some extra money with ads on their website, but generally it just annoys the visitor.

So take a serious look at what is on your site and ask whether it is obtrusive or not and worth the money you are bringing in with it.

Too Much Audio or Video

It is okay to supplement pages with relevant videos or audio, but do not over do it.

DOn’t turn your website into a disco with automatic sound or video, allow the user to choose to watch things.

Visitors Have to Register

In most cases it is not necessary to have a visitor register on your site, even to buy something.

But at the end of the purchase they can perhaps just check a box to sign up, as you have all their details at that point.

Don’t stop the user buying or using your site if possible.

Too Small Font

Perhaps my eyes are going, but a 10 or 12 point font is no longer acceptable. It might also have something to do with mobile phones.

But please start to use clear and large fonts on your site. Your visitors will be happier.


The site in general should have the same kinds of fonts, and heading sizes and visuals.

But if you are blogging as well, please try to be consistent and blog regularly.

Hopefully you have learned something you can improve on your website.

Bad Web Design

2 Sep 2014

Web Design Trends in 2014

The web is forever changing, and that my friend is one of the best things about it.

But keeping up with all the latest trends and movements in design and on the web in general is not an easy feat

Never fear, your Design Online Pro team is here to help.

The following are some of the cutting edge designs that we have been noticing of late and you should too.

monochromatic web design

Monochromatic, Single Color Design

You may have noticed the trend where there is a lot of black and white, and a lot of white space. With just a touch of color.

That is the modern web design world of Monochromatic design.

You may not like it, although we love it, but it is certainly here to stay.

It is now a world of understatement and colorful subtlety. So you better get used to it, that is for sure.

Web design is always changing though, so maybe the next trend will blow your trumpet.

Simple Above the Fold

Finally people are waking up to the fact that above the fold does not be full of sliding annoying images.

The time for simple and dedicated hero areas is here. Make your statement. Place your USP and be done with it.

Your customers will appreciate it, and your visitors too. They will understand in an instant what it is you are all about.

And simplicity is a side benefit too. Do you see the trend here in 2014?

Less is more, and you better believe it.

Instagram Influenced Visuals

Do you remember when those crazy hipsters next door where putting all their images online and passing them through old school filters.

you could not believe it when all those photos were appearing on Facebook with that yellow ting, and that washed out look.

But those kinds of images and visuals are here to stay. And they are influencing web design as well. So you better get on board.

And all the visual manipulation tools are using these kinds of filters too. So why not try a few of them out on your next project!

Infographics are Ruling the Web

If you have been on Pinterest lately you might have noticed the trend towards infographics.

They rule the internet at the moment for many reasons. For example, they convey huge amounts of information in a very visual way.

This is appealing to the masses, that is for sure. But they also make boring topics far more interesting, and that is a great thing for web design.

So if you want to find out what kinds of infographics are working in your niche, just head over to Pinterest and type in “infographic + niche”, I am sure thousands will pop up for you to peruse.

Final Visual Warning

Web design is not longer the realm of the boring and stuffy.

Visual and hip have taken over and if you want to stand out too, you better get on board the latest visual wagon and make your site pop.

Of course if you need a hand, just give us a shout and we will be happy to make your website rock too!

2 Sep 2014

Welcome to the blog

Hey there,

And welcome to the Design Online Pros blog.

We plan on bringing you the best in web design, and the latest in tips and tricks.

So tune in here at our new and amazing blog!